Language, Silence, and Voice in Native Studies


An International Conference hosted by the Native Studies Research Network, UK, at the University of Geneva, Switzerland


Sponsored by the Swiss Association for North American Studies, the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNF), and the University of Geneva


July 16-17, 2007


Call For Papers



The Native Studies Research Network, UK, invites proposals for papers for its inaugural European conference.


Established in April 2006, the NSRN has 70 members at 30 UK institutions working in 8 academic disciplines. Having held its first British colloquium in September 2006, the NSRN will now host a topic-led, full-scale conference inviting the participation of international scholars to foster scholarly debate in the field. It is hoped that the geographic centrality of Switzerland as a location will encourage scholars from across Europe to attend. This nation’s tri-lingual status has encouraged a focus on the issue of language.


Keynote speakers:

Robert Warrior, University of Oklahoma,

Tsianina Lomawaima, University of Arizona


Featured speakers: Simon J. Ortiz, Gabriela Schwab, Hartwig Iserhagen


Panels will include but are not restricted to:


1.    “Speaking with single and forked tongues”: Monoglots and Bilinguals


2.   “We must teach the Bible in their own dialects”: Missionaries and Indian Languages


3.   Orality and Literacy


4.   Silencing Native Voices: the impact of white settlement


5.   Recovering Native Voices


6.   Cultural ‘Contact Zones’


7.   The Language of Native Politics


8.   Native Languages in the 21st Century


This is not an exhaustive list and individual papers and/or panels on topics outside these remits are warmly welcomed.


Individual  paper proposals should include a title and precis of no more than 250 words. Panel proposals should include a title and brief description  of the panel and a title and précis for each paper. Proposals should be sent electronically to: or or and preferably copied to all three addresses.


Review of proposals will begin 16 March, 2007, and proposals will be accepted until 16 April, 2007.